Chuck K.

Literally a God-send (if you believe in that sort of thing).  I found Jake through my Aunt’s congregation.  Many people had used him–and every single person had a positive experience.

Part of me actually doesn’t want to post this review b/c I’m afraid that if he becomes too busy, it’ll be hard for me to get an appointment.  🙁

But seriously, I’ve been to my share of auto mechanics and Jake is hands down the best.  It’s not even close.

He’s fair.  He’s honest.  He’s friendly.  He’s a real car guy.  (It’s like having your cars serviced by one of the guys from “Car Talk.”)

His prices can be unbelievably low.  (I’ve had him look at things for me three[3] times).  I walk out of his shop feeling a little guilty that I didn’t pay him enough.  (Not TOO guilty, Jake, if you’re reading this.)

To do a truly accurate review, I would need to get a 6th, 7th, 8th star out of five.

Anyway, go to Jake.  He will restore your car to good health and he will not take away all your money and he will revive your faith in humanity.



Joanne L.

I have been using Jake’s Car Care for the past several years. Jessie, who appears to be the voice of the business, takes the time to explain the issues with the car, how the prices are determined, and helps to prioritize which issues are urgent vs. those that can wait. I would certainly recommend this business.



Will H.

Great service and quality. Jake’s always offers the best prices. Jake and all the guys at the shop are outstanding. They always take time to explain and show you what’s going on with your car. I recommend them hands down.



Dave E.

Can’t say enough good things about these guys.  They go above and beyond, having looked at things for no charge and going out of their way to make things easier for me.  They have managed a lot of car problems and are fair in their pricing.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.



Misha T.

I keep using Jake’s for, literally, every car need that comes up. From regular maintenance items to repairs, big and small.  The experience is always the same: great work; always done on time, when promised; very reasonable prices; courteous service; a thorough explanation, when asked; honest opinions on what is truly necessary or what is suggested (and why).   Jesse is a true joy to deal with. Jake is simply a great mechanic.  He takes care of your car as if it was one of his own.  He takes both pride and joy in getting your car back on the road; back to performing the way it did before the problem happened.  How often did you leave an auto shop thinking that you were dealt with honestly and openly?   This has been my experience with Jake’s EVERY time; and it’s the main reason that I keep coming back.  The have earned my business. And they continue to do right by me to keep it.  if your car needs help – call them; you won’t be sorry.



Simi S.

Very fortunate to have Jake move in to Ed’s Auto on Eagle Rock.  While having a deer drop onto your windshield is never a pleasant experience, I was very lucky that it happened only yards away from Jake’s shop.  Jake and Jessie were so very helpful in getting the van over to a highly reputable collision shop and making sure that the work was done right.

I have dropped my cars off for small and large jobs and they are always very clear on what repairs may be needed and communicating the costs- which always seem to be very reasonable – before doing any work.

I would certainly recommend Jake’s Car Care to anyone who has any hesitations about finding an honest and trustworthy car mechanic!!!




Jake’s Car Care is very reliable and a class operation. They really take the time to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly. Everyone working at Jake’s is very friendly, honest and informative. I would definitely recommend Jake’s to anyone who is in need of a car repair or even a quick oil change.



Marion J.

Not your typical neighborhood grease monkeys, these guys want to be your car’s best friend. We (and our fleet of two 2005 Toyotas)  have been customers of Jake’s ever since he took over the business from Auto Ed, about three years. We always deal with Jesse. A true car lover, he is always polite, patient and professional on the phone in person. We had to have a big job done that involved a timing belt, and he made sure to save the old part and explain what happened. A little education for the customer.  We go there for routine oil changes and tire rotations, and get great, efficient service, even if it’s short notice. I’d never think of using anyone else in town and neither should you. My only wish is they had a body shop! And an auto parts store…and an internet cafe.  Well, keep up the great work, guys.



Joan S.

My husband and I have been very pleased with the service here.

A few weeks ago we had a flat tire, and they repaired the tire at no charge!

They are prompt, efficient, and friendly.

Good advice, friendly service.



Marta A.

I can’t express the extent of how amazing the service is at Jakes Car Care. He’s honest (hard to come by with mechanics) and truly a genius automotive engineer. I own a Volkswagen and was astounded on how knowledgeable he was with foreign cars.   His service was high quality, reliable and prices were realistic and fair. Jakes customer service was impeccable, and was extremely diligent with keeping me up to speed on the progress of the repair. I  have been recommending this wonderful service to everyone, they won’t let you down!!


Randy D.

Jake’s car care is definitely the best.  Great mechanics and no one more honest than Jake. Repairs are done on time and this place definitely does not nickel and dime you. Jesse does a good job too and always calls back when he says he will.  They are very reliable and we recommend them to many.


Robert H.

Jake’s Car care does an excellent job. I’ve had all three of my cars there at various times. They’ve always been able to diagnose and repair problems promptly and at a very fair price.  Once when I had my Toyota in for rear brakes,  they saw that it needed one of the drive belts replaced. They didn’t charge me for it.  It’s service like that, that keeps me coming back.



Ann I.

Im a big fan of Jake’s Car Care. I don’t naturally trust mechanics but they won me over after many years of excellent, friendly, professional service. I have been going there for years after I got ripped off by my dealership.

Jake does a great job and his honesty is unmatched. I also like that they explain everything to me in people terms, unlike some places that confuse you with car jargon and then you end up spending an arm and a leg on things you can’t even comprehend.

I strongly recommend them to anyone that doesn’t have time for the usual mechanic sales pitches. They’re perfect for the working individual with convenient hours and they always go out of their way to get you out of there asap.

FIVE STARS all around !

Ann I



Rusty A.

Jake and his team at Jakes Car Care are true professionals. No job is to big for Jake and his staff to handle. I take all of my cars and family members cars to Jake knowing that he will take very good care of them. His prices are extremely fair. You get more than what you pay for, so its worth every penny to take your car to Jake. He really is the best around. Do not waste your time taking your car anywhere else. Be prepared to walk into a very friendly and accommodating environment when you get to Jakes Car Care. I would rate them 100 stars if i could, but we are only limited to 5. Not only will you gain great car service , but also a friend for life.



Amy S.

When my mechanic, Ernie, died a few years ago, I didn’t think I would find another one as competent, honest, and reasonable.  When he was younger, Jake worked for my mechanic, so when I ran into him in town, I decided to give him a try.  We have been very satisfied.  As the other reviewer said, he is very good at his job, reasonable, honest, and dependable.  I have an old car which I am trying to eke a few more years out of.  He only fixes what needs fixing, and also is willing to find me parts for more reasonable prices.  When we drop off our car, he drives us home, even though it is now in another town. He treats us like a valued customers, giving advice on related matters, such as where to find a reasonable body shop, or which kind of car to purchase.

Give Jake a try.  I am sure you will be satisfied.



Joshua K.

I can’t recommend Jake highly enough. I’d had an issue with the electric system in my car. The engine would just shut off while driving on the road. I got an estimate from another mechanic  for $1,200. After checking it out, Jake told me that there was a wire rubbing again a loose bolt which was shorting out the system. He charged me only for his time, which was $40!

He also replaced my muffler, but instead of charging me $500 for a new one, he actually searched on eBay and found one in great condition, for less than a hundred. I didn’t even have to ask him to do this. More than just a mechanic, he’s like “Dr. House” and takes the time to do a thorough analysis.

My brother had a garage check an issue with his car. After charging him $500 for an estimate, they told him it would be a further $2,000 to fix. I recommended he take it to Jake and he fixed the issue for $420. He’s the last mechanic you’ll ever need and I’m obviously very happy to have met him.




Marion J.

Jesse saves the day again. My daughter left the rear passenger door open on our Toyota Camry…so I nearly ripped it off when backing out of the garage. A body shop gave us a $1,000+ estimate to replace the door, but Jesse made it at least drivable until we decide what to do and deal with the insurance company. Cleverly, he also removed the sensor so that it won’t keep beeping as if it were still open. Jesse’s aim is to help customers and save them money where possible–creating good karma.


Ditire A.

Love those guys… knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and conservative! Came with a few issues, engine light, noisy air circulation, broken exhaust pipe on Vibe 2004. I was previously given an estimate to fix air circulation by a dealer mentioning that they had to remove the whole dashboard = hours of costly labor (>$600). Jake’s car care fixed it for under $100, 30min job -> only the glove compartment needed to be removed to change the temperature valve actuator.This same dealer diagnosed engine light issue to a faulty oxygen sensor. Jake’s spent the time to diagnose this to an issue with the manifold gasket (you kind of wonder if the dealer knew what they were doing). Rather than putting a new exhaust ($800 part), they were able to repair it at a more reasonable price. In short, it looks like they know what they are doing and they will work hard trying to save you money when they can.



Dan L.

Jake is a car enthusiast which is a critical element of knowing that someone will take care of your car.  Friendly, professional, fair pricing.  He services the fleet for my entire extended family.  (1989 BMW 325i, 2001 Toyota Tacoma, 2001 BMW 330i, 2004 Subaru Forester)


Jessica A.

Excellent service and friendly environment. You can always rely on Jakes Car Care doing a great job. I would not think of taking my car anywhere else but here.


Tom M.

Top notch. Smart, honest guys, too


Ross D.

Honest, Fair, and Very Nice! Rare qualities to find in this business. Thanks.


Dean L.

awesome costumer service


Jessica S.

They’re amazing!!


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